My husband bought a blow-up doll behind my back

Remembering a chat with her friend a few days ago, she mentioned a matter.

She said that there was a time last summer when she suddenly noticed that her husband would spend a lot of time in the living room before going to bed at night, and he would not return to his room when she fell asleep.

At the beginning, she didn’t care, because every time she put her daughter to sleep, she always let her husband go outside to play with his mobile phone first, and the husband always made the daughter not sleep well in the room. She thought that the husband was afraid of playing with his mobile phone noise to her and her daughter, so he took the initiative to hide in the living room, and she was a little relieved.

But as time went by, she realized something was wrong! I asked my husband to stay outside for a while. He was always in a hurry. He asked her if her daughter was asleep and could he come in? However, in recent nights, the husband not only did not ask her again, but also obviously went back to the room to sleep much later. She always fell asleep, and did not see the husband over.

One night, after her daughter fell asleep, she only turned on the nightlight at the head of the bed and came out in her pajamas to see what her husband was playing with. However, there was no one in the living room. Did she go to the bathroom? A look for the toilet also no one! She felt that her husband was a little confused, wanted to go to another room to look, and thought it was late at night. She was only wearing pajamas, and her parents-in-law lived together, ran into the bed, went back to the room to sleep.


She did not fall asleep that night, until after twelve o ‘clock, her husband returned to the room. There was nothing different. She pretended to sleep. Her husband lay down beside her to sleep. She did not ask what, but there was a knot in her heart.

That period of time every night all so, sometimes even noon when the husband also can disappear for a period of time, and then nonchalantly return to the room, do not see a trace of unusual. ​Her heart is feeling more and more uneasy. whether is the husband carrying her in what evil?

Finally, one evening, while the husband haven’t go off work, looking for clues in her home a few room, this to find her a fright, let she found that actually saw a in another room the human size sex doll, just lying in bed aboveboard, next to the box and condoms, cleaning fluid, lubricants and so on a pile of large and small box, She did not want to see what they were, and a nameless fire rose in her body!

What does he mean by that? No wonder I spend so much time in this room every night, playing real sex Dolls! What does he take me for? Can’t I satisfy him? What a disgusting thing to do!

Her husband came back from work, she checked his mobile phone, a treasure record apparently written “Lin Zhiling version inflatable simulation doll package”, the bottom picture sent a lot of bottles and cans of things, are used in that aspect, she only felt very sick.

She swallowed her anger, threw the phone in front of her husband and asked him what it meant.

Her husband is admitted OF simply, return SHAMELESS OF saying: “HER that Mimi is done with silica gel, inside a suction is water, touch also have no feeling……”

“You go out and play with your doll! Don’t be disgusting to me!” She interrupted her husband angrily.


“Get the fuck out of here and play with your mother! Your mother’s fun!” She thought of her husband so detailed recounting the feeling of playing that, but also really inhaled, she was sick.

“You’re a fucking disgusting person. ​die!”her exasperated ground scolded husband,” later don’t his niang of again touch lao tze, I disrelish you dirty!”

“What’s the big deal? Just to spice things up, I’ll buy you a girl’s one if you like.” Her husband continued disapprovingly.

“You are dead to buy me that! How can you be such a person? Go away, I don’t want to see you!” She was furious when she was found out and her husband even returned this attitude. It was so abhorrent.

For a long time, she refused to let her husband touch her, disgusted at the thought of how he had played with sex dolls.

Ah, men! have a wife return so, also really let do wife’s heart is not good suffer, this kind of thing, outsider also not good interrupt! ​Let them sort it out for themselves!

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