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  1. From the official definition, cloud control includes cloud control mobile phones and cloud supervision and control. Among them, cloud control mobile phones are equipped with cloud technology to achieve remote control. You can use any PC to control any information on the mobile phone terminal through the cloud, to retrieve the information you need at will, or use another mobile phone to log in to the cloud server with ID. Cloud monitoring (Cloud), there are two claims in the industry. One is based on the abbreviation of cloud computing video surveillance systems, and the other is the performance surveillance and testing of Yundai.
    If you want to control 100 mobile phones with a computer and put it in the past, it must be a dream, because it is impossible to achieve. But now we will find that a computer controls 100 phones is not as difficult as we think. As long as we use the giant cloud control system software, we can make this problem very simple. Make your dream a reality.
    we when we buy the system, because the giant cloud control system software provides the source code, so after the installation of the entire system, we will find that it can help us control 100 mobile phones in our computer. It will also be very smooth when using, and the computer will be very fast and convenient to operate.

  2. The cloud control system 151 is 5839 users 7309 using a computer or mobile phone to post command to the cloud. The mobile phone is transferred through the cloud transit command.
    1: What does the cloud control system do?
    With the rise of short videos, some people have their own traffic with traffic, so how can these people become these people? The traffic has been promoted, but the video and live broadcast of many people have no traffic. It takes a long time to accumulate how to shorten this time. Then you need to control the complete simulation of the one -one IP, one IP. Operations, intelligent execution, safe and stable, high -efficiency and sustainable traffic live room belt rhythm can increase the exposure of video and live rooms to effectively attract traffic and realize it.
    But there are many problems in practical exercise, such as:

    2: Mobile phone problem?
    The cloud control systems on the market do not support the use of Apple mobile phones (but we can choose AI cloud control) because Apple mobile phones are closed; Android phones need to be adapted to version and resolution.
    3: Remote control?
    The group control everyone knows that the so -called line control a computer server can control 100 mobile phones, but you can control the cloud control in Beijing in Shanghai. Who can be remotely controlled everywhere
    4: What are the advantages of our choice of AI cloud control?
    : The operation of each device can be detected to remind the drop -crawling and other equipment in order to repair it in time
    : The quantity of each task can be set up R n: You can set a single device to perform the same task for a few days to prevent the monitoring of the business platform
    : Use multi -threaded operation to reduce the configuration requirements of the server
    5: Our technology After -sales
    , we do n’t need to talk about our technology. Take a look at our choice of AI cloud control advantages and other comparison. We have a professional person to answer all your operation questions and questions. trouble.

  3. WeChat cloud control means that multiple mobile phones can be controlled at the same time through the web background system. A web page account can control hundreds of mobile phones. Each mobile phone is installed with a software controlled by the background system, and then the system controls these mobile phones at the same time. Each mobile phone can simulate the operation of a normal person. Essence WeChat cloud control function: smart customer service system, automatic marketing of friends, WeChat group automatic marketing, automatic additional friends, virtual positioning, etc.

  4. The cloud control system uses the touch screen technology developed by Google's automation framework. A computer can control thousands of mobile phones to run at the same time. Completely realize one -machine one IP, stable operation, not sealing. Completely simulate artificial operation, liberate your hands

  5. Cloud control is an upgraded version of group control. Through a computer, you can control thousands of cloud control phones to operate at the same time without any connection cables. Data transmit data through cloud without quantity restrictions. Touch screen technology, simulate artificial operation throughout the process, and not seal the number! Can control multiple apps, complete functions
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