Powder coating powder is so good. Why is it still difficult to promote?

Compared with other types of coating products, powder coating powder has effectively reduced the pollution to the environment; ​can effectively save energy, high utilization rate; ​its coating performance is excellent and has considerable economic effect.

But for so many years, in the mainstream architectural coating products on the market, powder coating powder accounts for a small proportion, and even many consumers do not know that there is such a type of coating product, most are still the use of latex paint, a kind of coating product.

So why is it difficult to popularize powder coating powder?
First, the production cost of powder coating powder is high; ​general solvent-based or water-based coating manufacturing equipment can not be used to manufacture powder coating powder, must use special equipment to manufacture, so as to increase the production cost of coating manufacturers.

And although powder coating powder has better environmental performance and film performance, the general consumer home decoration with less than so good products, therefore, most of the coating manufacturers to save costs, and do not go to research and development and promotion of powder coating powder.

Two, powder coating powder color mixing difficulty; ​powder coating powder is different from the general solvent-based and water-based coatings, in the powder coating powder can not be directly colored paste or toner to tone.

And the color mixing time is long, some varieties of texture type can not use color matching instrument, can only rely on experience, color is more troublesome.


In addition, when current consumers decorate, they pay more attention to individual taste and have very high requirements for metope color.

Therefore, coating manufacturers because powder coating powder mixing is too troublesome, and it is not easy to adjust the color that consumers like, so there is no effort to promote powder coating powder products.

Three, powder coating powder construction process trouble; ​when painting the wall with powder coating, powder coating powder is generally suitable for thick coating and not for thin coating, but generally in the home decoration, with too thick coating will cause a waste of coating performance.

Therefore, the major coating manufacturers to study powder coating powder products can be applied to thin coatings.

That looks according to the current coating industry, thin coating powder coating powder should be really industrialized in the production of a large number of promotions still needs a certain time.

The above three points are the main reasons why it is difficult to popularize powder coating powder, and of course there are some other reasons.

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