Good luck before the arrival of the three bitter, survive you will win

Life is a wall, blocking you in a certain place, doing numb things.

And what we pursue all our life is the scenery outside the wall, hoping that good luck will come and reach the other side.

As the old saying goes, "good luck goes with bad luck."

How much ability you have can get how high achievement, how much hardship you experience can get how much blessing.

So more and more people prefer to live a simple life, not seeking good luck to avoid bad luck.

And the so-called luck, in a nutshell, life is smooth, everything goes well.

In fact, those good luck in life are traceable, often people's good luck will appear after the three suffering.

If you can get through these three things, trust that you will be able to handle the big and small things in life 39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài.

First: the pain of parting

"All good things come to an end."

The moment people meet is doomed to leave, but God still arranged for us to meet, because all the encounters have a certain reason.

You may not be satisfied with your relationship, but you have grown and learned a lot from meeting each other.

You may be glad you met someone, or sorry to leave them, but your heart is definitely richer for the relationship.

I have heard a saying that people actually come to the world to cultivate their hearts. When you finish cultivating your hearts, you can go to a higher world to live. During this period, God will help you to give you experience of growth, so that you can better complete your tasks in the world.

0e3b547b09f775f6e2df01e5d15f3b47The ancients said: "the day will be down to the great people also, must first bitter, hard, hungry its skin, empty its body."

All good luck is obtained after the training. Perhaps the suffering of parting makes you feel the collapse of the world collapse, but the day always has to go on. Good fortune is often accompanied by suffering and birth.

What you lose, you will always gain something, although not necessarily completely equal, but everything in life can not escape the law of conservation.

Just like losing the one you love, you will know how to cherish now more, because the one who loves you won't want you to be sad, and you should live a better life with his belief.

Parting is painful, but those who have experienced parting can bear any wind and waves. Their hearts are firm, and they will eventually find their own good luck in the future.

Second: the pain of loneliness

"Life is lonely."

In this world, loneliness is the norm.

Even if you have a lot of friends around you, you will still feel lonely in the dead of night, because no one knows you and can really walk into your heart.

Most of the time, people's loneliness is unbearable. It is the darkness of the soul. When you are lonely to the extreme, you will even feel fear.

Thinking, lonely because there is no sense of security, when people have nothing to rely on, they will be unconsciously afraid.

In fact, loneliness is not terrible, but if you do not dare to face loneliness, loneliness is generated from the inside out. When you can bear loneliness, the heart becomes full, then you will find that a person alone will not produce loneliness. On the contrary, you will enjoy this feeling.

Often, those who can endure what ordinary people can't ninja, good luck will always be with them.

Third: the pain of being ordinary

"We can be ordinary, but not mediocre."

​I may not feel anything when I was a child, but when I grow up, I will find that the difference between people is really big.

This includes not only the family gap, but also the talent gap.

In today's society, from children to the elderly, they all have their own unique talent. Even a pig can paint, and even sell for tens of millions of dollars.

When I look back at myself, I have no family and no ability. I have lived in a mess and once thought that I was born to make up for the world.

But is that true? Ordinary life also has a lot of beauty. People who live to the end will understand no disease, no disaster, no ups and downs of life is also a kind of happiness.

To know that even though there are many ordinary people in life, we still try to live, did not give up on our own.

Because when you stop hating yourself for being ordinary, good luck will come to you.

Ordinary people, in fact, are not ordinary, they hide in every corner of the world. When they need them, they will be there without hesitation.

Some people may feel that their life is sad, suffering is always with them, life is overwhelming.

Have you ever thought that this is a chance given to you by God? I hope you pass the test, meet others and have no good luck.

As the saying goes, "With great power comes great responsibility." All things are complementary, you want to have good luck, you have to accept the lash of suffering.

People are different, but no matter what you're going through right now, I hope you can start by changing your mindset.

When your mentality becomes good, a lot of things will become smooth, will complain into power, will be turned into good luck. You should always believe that in your dark world, there is always a beam of light trying to shine on you, until a moment, you will meet.

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