What are the ways in which electronic components are inserted?

The insertion of electronic components requires not only neat, beautiful and stable. At the same time, it should be convenient for welding and conducive to heat dissipation during welding of components.

So what are the ways of inserting electronic components? Today xiaobian sorted out the following two points to share with you, let's have a look.

What are the ways in which electronic components are inserted?Plug-in mode:

1. Manual installation

Manual insertion is mostly used for scientific research or small batch production. There are two methods: one is that all components required by a printed circuit board are inserted by one person; The other is to use the conveyor belt to complete the way of assembly.

2. Automatic insertion

Automatic inserting and installing is completed by automatic inserting machine. According to the position of the components on the printed board, the automatic inserting machine is controlled by the corresponding program programmed in advance. The plug-in clip of the inserting machine has an automatic bending mechanism, which can fix the inserted components firmly on the printed board and improve the welding strength of the printed circuit board.

The automatic inserting machine eliminates the error of manual inserting, missing inserting and so on, ensures the quality of products and improves the production efficiency.

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