Why doesn’t Japan, which is known for its electronics, have its own high-end phone brand?

Nowadays, young people of both sexes have more diversified and richer demands for mobile phones. Some young people hope that these mobile phones can highlight their own personality without appearing very popular. Instead, they will choose to buy some special mobile phones that are not widely used. Although the mainstream popular mobile phones are Samsung or Apple, nokia’s mobile phones have almost disappeared in the current market. At present, many domestic brands, such as OPPO, Huawei and Xiaomi, are also a backup choice for many people when buying mobile phones. But you’ll find that sharp and SONY phones that people used to buy are being sold less and less, and new models are being introduced less and less often. So Japan is obviously also a big name in the production of electronic components, why there is no resounding mobile phone brand belonging to their own country?

Why doesn't Japan, which is known for its electronics, have its own high-end phone brand?

In fact, the main reason is the Japanese operators. As we all know, like China Unicom, mobile and telecom are the major operators. When we buy a phone, we usually have a contract, which usually only uses the carrier’s calling card and comes with additional plans, most of which are free. The goal is also to attract more people to use all of the carrier’s products. But in China, you can opt out of such a contract and buy a netcom phone separately, which will work regardless of which carrier’s calling card you have installed. This is rare in Japan, where you usually have to attach your phone to a carrier’s calling card. That is the most important is not to buy mobile phones, but to choose a carrier and the carrier’s charge a phone calls, so it will give you package in the mobile phone, and operators of mobile phone manufacturers have very strict requirements, usually on a mobile phone can only printed on mobile operators of trademark, so led to some Japanese mobile phone manufacturer in the world’s popularity is very low.

Why doesn't Japan, which is known for its electronics, have its own high-end phone brand?

There is a reason, it is because most Japanese aging itself is more strict most don’t care about mobile phone rich function in the elderly, or provide a variety of traffic or packages, old people can only hope that mobile phone is not so easy to lose, and the phone is relatively cheap, and can be waterproof and it broke. As a result, Japanese mobile phone manufacturers focus on these problems and pay little attention to the needs of young people, so most of them do not buy locally made mobile phones.

Despite this, Japanese electronic components are well known in the world, and many foreign mobile phone manufacturers have also ordered sophisticated electronic components made in Japan, such as cameras, mobile phone screens and other electronic components inside mobile phones.

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