TLD1313EL_ Power device _ Lighting chip

LITIX TM Basic TLD1313EL is a three-channel high-side drive INTEGRATED circuit with integrated output levels. The device is designed to control leds with currents up to 120 mA. In typical automotive applications, the device is capable of driving three (nine leds in total) red leds with currents up to 60mA per channel, with current capacity limited by thermal cooling. Output current control is almost unaffected by load and supply voltage variations.

TLD1313EL_ Power device _ Lighting chipCharacter description

Three-channel devices with integrated output stages (current sources) are optimized for driving leds
The output current of each channel is up to 120mA
Low current consumption in sleep mode
Support PWM working mode via VS and EN pins
The output current is regulated by an external low-power resistor that can be connected to a PTC resistor to provide protection for the LED under overtemperature conditions
Reverse polarity protection
Overload protection
Undervoltage detection
Open circuit load and ground short circuit diagnosis
Wide temperature range: -40 °C <tj< 150="" °c<="" span=""></tj<>
Pg-ssop14 Heat sink package
Environmental protection products (RoHS compliant)
AEC certification

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