Features and Skills of Four Roller Skates

Parallel 4-wheel skates are skating classics. In addition to having a beautiful design, they are very comfortable skates. Before continuing, you should know that they are also known as quad skates, roller skates, and parallel skates, so if you see these names in the text, we are referring to the same ones.

Features and Skills of Four Roller Skates

Who are 4-wheel skates for?

The 4-wheel skates are perfect for anyone of a basic, intermediate and advanced level who enjoys fun afternoons in the company of their friends and/or family.

If you have a more classic style, these skates will surely fascinate you. Its peak was experienced with the famous "skate fever" in the 80's, and in recent years this style has returned with a huge increase in sales.

Without a doubt, these 4-wheel skates are a sensation in the middle of 2021, we can see them everywhere, in large part thanks to social networks and musical artists who have included skate dancing in their video clips.

Features of 4 wheel skates

Before buying a pair of skates you have to know them well, in this way you will be able to know if they are the most suitable for you. The characteristics may vary, this depends on the quality, price and range of the skate.

Guide: Usually nylon or aluminum, trucks are usually aluminum.

Boot: in parallel skates we can find hard boots and soft boots. Basically the difference lies in the type of skating that we are going to do. The soft boot helps us more with mobility, for example to dance or practice with jumps, etc. On the other hand, hard boots serve us more for recreational and casual skating, such as taking walks in the park. Some boots are smaller, this type of boot is used for roller derby skating.

Brake: It is usually made of polyurethane. Some models have a precision brake, this means that you can adjust the brake to the height you prefer.best roller skates

Wheels: the wheels are the most interesting of these skates, since they have 4 wheels in parallel. This gives more stability and control to the skater. The hardness is between 0 to 100A.

Stabilizer bar: This bar is usually only found on figure skates.

How do you know if they are for you?

These skates are perfect for you if you are about to start in the world of skating. These, along with freeskate and fitness (inline skates) are among the most recommended by professionals for beginner skaters.

Their design provides us with a lot of stability, unlike inline skates, and it might seem that for this reason they are easier to use, but this is not exactly true.

Using each type of skate requires its technique and hours of practice, what is very true is that moving from one skate to another will be much easier when you already have some experience.How to choose inline skates

Now, there are things that you will need to consider first. As we already mentioned, we can find certain differences between the models in parallel, the one you choose will depend entirely on the type of skating you want to do and the range of skates you want to buy.

For example, if you are interested in figure skating, the perfect skates for you would be a pair of figure skates. On the other hand, if you only want to use them casually, they could be recreational online ones.

With this type of skates you can practice recreational, dance, roller derby, artistic skating, many skaters even practice street or urban skating.

Advantages of 4-wheel skates

You can find models of very good quality and cheap.

They provide support and stability, they are perfect to start in the world of skating.

They are classic skates.

They are very versatile.

Anyone with and without experience can use them.

What should I consider before buying them?

Before buying your skates, take into account everything we have talked about so far, verify that they are your best option for the type of skating you want to do, that you like them and that they fit your economic possibilities.

Size will always be an important issue in any type of skate. Always look for your skate to be as close to your shoe size as possible.

Security will always be an important issue to deal with. We recommend that you always use safety equipment, at least the basics, which would be a helmet and knee pads, especially if you are a beginner, in this way you will be able to enjoy your practice much more and you will lose your fear of skates faster. If you want extra protection we also recommend the use of wrist and elbow pads.

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