Touch switch dry reed tube lightly

Components are the foundation of all electronic equipment, security system maintenance, cannot do without security equipment, although we are not focused on maintenance equipment, but as a system maintenance technician, understand some components of the basic knowledge, in the process of maintenance often get twice the result with half the effort.

Touch switch dry reed tube lightly
If the equipment is the basis of the security system, the cable is the central nerve of the whole system, connecting these devices. Understanding the characteristics of various cables helps us maintain the entire system.

Touch switch is also called key switch, also known as sensitive switch, when used to meet the conditions of operating force to the direction of switch operation pressure, switch closed on, when the pressure is removed when the switch is disconnected, its internal structure is to rely on the metal shrapnel force changes to achieve on and off.

Touch switch dry reed tube lightly

Touch switch is widely used in security electronic equipment, such as alarm detector anti-disassembly switch, head, high-speed ball travel switch, host motherboard setting switch and so on. The main fault is bad contact or contact adhesion, pay attention to check in maintenance.

A reed tube, also known as a reed switch, is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field. It consists of two magnetic reeds, usually made of two metals, iron and nickel, sealed inside a glass tube. The two magnetic reeds are overlapped but there is a small gap between them. An appropriate external magnetic field will make the two magnetic reeds contact. In the field of security, dry reed tube is also widely used, such as door magnet and window magnet in alarm system, but also used as an anti-disassembly switch of equipment.

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