How can ability identify the true and false of IC chip better

At present, the current chip on the market, generally have the following kinds, including: original packaging, new, fake new, refurbished. Through the regular way to be assured that the purchase of quality assurance chips, but there are also a lot of products in the market fish dragon beads, as a procurement staff, to have a fire eye to better identify, identify the authenticity of IC chips. Xiaobian specially sorted out six methods for reference.

(1) Appearance inspection: Appearance inspection usually uses an optical microscope to check whether the coplanar, surface printing, device body and pins of the chip meet specific requirements.

(2)X-ray detection: X-ray fluoroscopy is a non-destructive inspection method, which can observe the internal structure of objects from multiple angles. Through X-ray perspective, check whether the grain, lead frame and gold wire inside the seal body of the tested device exist physical defects.

(3) acetone wipe test: acetone wipe is to use a certain concentration of acetone to wipe the screen on the chip surface regularly, and the results are used to determine whether the chip surface is reprinted.

How can ability identify the true and false of IC chip better

(4) open and cover test: open and cover is a combination of physical and chemical test, is to dissolve the epoxy resin colloid on the surface of the chip, retain the complete grain or gold line, easy to check the important identification of grain surface, layout, process defects, etc.

(5) Lead-free testing: USE SEM/EDS to detect the pins or terminals of parts to confirm whether they contain lead and provide test data and reports.

(6) Electrical testing/functional testing: IV curve tracker and probe for IC pin and gold line curve test after opening, including: mass production test, open short circuit test, leakage current test.

In short, the best way to avoid the risk of fake goods entering the market is to purchase components from authorized channels and take photos of each batch. At such a high level of fraud today, even the engineers of the original factory can hardly tell the real from the fake with the naked eye. Under normal circumstances, experienced original factory engineers may see the difference between real fakes through familiar packaging methods, bar codes and so on, but to really determine whether it is fake chips, still have to rely on advanced laboratory instruments.

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