wholesale jewelry selling supplies What is the background of Celr currency?

wholesale jewelry selling supplies What is CELR currency background

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  1. wholesale african jewelry nyc The background of Celr currency is that the blockchain commercialization is facing the current status of landing
    celer network is a high -performance Layer 2 scalability platform. It aims to bring the Internet scale into the blockchain through technological innovation and help blockchain commercialization The grand vision of landing. The platform proposes new technical solutions and economic models on the basis of traditional chain solutions, and after experimental simulation, the solution proves that it has an orderly performance improvement.
    The expansion information:
    Stmit currency refers to non -real currency. Well -known virtual currencies such as Baidu's Baidu of Baidu, Q coins from Tencent, QPO, Shanda's dot coupons, micro coins launched by Sina (for micro -game, Sina reading, etc.), chivalry ingot (for chivalry game ), Tattoo Silver (for Bi Xue Qingtian Games), digital currencies include Litecoin, Unlimited Coins, Quick Coins, Zeza Coins, Barbecue Coins, Popularity (Foreign Net), Invisible Gold Strip, Prison, and Quality Coins. There are hundreds of digital currencies issued in the world. The legend of "Bitkin, Litter, Infinite Copper, and Shimo Aluminum" is popular in the circle.
    The essence
    Cur currency concepts
    The concepts of virtual currency have many different views. The main representatives are the following three:
    1. Virtual exchange tools say. Virtual currency is defined as a virtual exchange tool in online games, and there is no other purpose and functions in addition. The "Notice of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Commerce on Strengthening the Management of Virtual Currency Management of Online Games" issued by the Ministry of Culture adopted this.
    2. The function of the currency part. Virtual currency has part of the function of real currency, approximate currency but not currency. Some scholars divide virtual currencies into three stages: primary virtual currency, hard currency primary virtual currency and advanced virtual currency. The virtual currency in the first stage is issued by non -financial institutions. With the help of computer networks circulating between small -scale businesses and holders; the second stage of circulation has expanded to all merchants who accept primary virtual currencies; the ideal third in the ideal is the third in the ideal of the ideal; The stage is issued by central banks or specific financial institutions, and virtual currencies have become legal currencies that can circulate in the virtual world. The virtual currency is only in the initial stage.
    3. Digital currency said. The virtual currency is established based on the mathematical algorithm, and does not require the intervention of third -party credit institutions. Any participants who can achieve consensus can use it and can play a variety of currency functions in the network virtual space. If some scholars believe that digital currencies are developed based on computer technology, ensuring safety and exclusiveness with strict mathematical algorithms or encryption technology, circulating among members of the virtual community without being regulated, and not using physical media as a carrier. Essence

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