What are the characteristics of IC electronic components?

Electronic components can be seen everywhere in our life. With the development of science and technology, there are more and more kinds of electronic components, and they also begin to develop towards high frequency and miniaturization. What is an electronic IC? What are the characteristics of IC electronic components?

What is IC?

IC is a micro electronic device; IC chip is a large number of micro-electronic components (transistor, resistance, capacitance, etc.) formed integrated circuit on a plastic base, make a chip.

The definition of IC

IC is a general term for semiconductor components. Including: 1. Integratedcircuit board (IC); 2. Two and three audions; 3. Special electronic components. More broadly speaking, it also involves all electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, circuit boards /PCB boards, and many related products.

The integrated circuit, also known as IC, is a circuit module that integrates a variety of electronic components on the silicon board to achieve a specific function. It is the most important part of the electronic equipment, responsible for computing and storage functions. The application of integrated circuit covers almost all electronic equipment of military industry and civil industry.

What are the characteristics of IC electronic components? Here are five features of electronic components:

First, a wide range of products

According to the classification and coding statistics of electronic products compiled by the former Department of Electronics, except for integrated circuits, there are 206 categories and 2519 categories of electronic components, including 13 categories and 260 categories of electric vacuum devices. Semiconductor separation devices (including laser, optoelectronic devices, etc.), 18 categories, 379 categories; There are 17 majors in electronic components, 161 categories and 1284 categories. There are 14 categories and 596 categories of electronic materials.

What are the characteristics of IC electronic components?Second, it is a highly professional and multidisciplinary collection

Production process and equipment. There are significant differences between detection techniques and equipment. This is not just an electrical vacuum. The distinction between semiconductor equipment and electronic components is also the distinction between the major or even sub-categories of the industry. For example, different display devices. Different components, different capacitors. Resistors and sensors are also different. Of course, similar products in different stages need different production technology and methods, therefore, electronic components have a production line, a generation of component products is a generation of production line; Some enterprises specializing in the production of multi-layer printed circuit boards need to add new equipment every year.

Third, complete sets and complete series

This is determined by electronic circuitry, frequency band and frequency characteristics, accuracy, function, power, storage and use conditions and environment, and service life requirements.

Fourth, large production scale

The intensity of investment varies a lot, it varies a lot over time, especially the scale of production. Product output. Production conditions and production environment requirements. Among them, high-tech. The scale of investment in products requiring mass production increased by an order of magnitude compared with the eighth five-year Plan period, often reaching 100 million US dollars and the lowest 50 million US dollars; Other products, although technically difficult, have limited output, low degree of equipment automation and much less investment intensity.

Fifth, the development law of electronic components

Each electronic component and its industry has different development laws, but they are closely related to the development of electronic machinery and systems, including the development of electronic technology. Development of machine structure and electrical assembly technology. However, in industrial development, there is a mutually reinforcing and limiting relationship between electronic equipment and the whole machine system or various electronic components.

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