What are the common electronic components?

With the continuous popularity of electronic products, electrical equipment can be seen everywhere in our life, such as computers, mobile phones, refrigerators and so on. There are thousands of electronic components in these devices. Although they are not easy to disappear, they really exist. So, what are these thousands of electronic components? Let's take a look.

Concepts and types of electronic components

It is understood that electronic components are components of electronic components and small machines and instruments. Common electronic components include capacitance, resistance, inductance, potential, diode, transistor, tube, relay, transformer, connector, all kinds of sensitive components, filters, resonators, switches and so on.

Commonly used electronic components

1. The Resistor, known as a Resistor, is a current-limiting component. The resistance has an obstruction effect on the current, which can limit the current through its connected branch. The current can be adjusted by the resistance of the resistor, so as to ensure that various components in the electronic equipment work stably under the rated current.

In the electronics industry, the application of resistors is very wide, almost no one is unknown, its importance is indisputable; The resistor is arguably the most used electronic component of all electronic circuits.

2. Capacitor, English name capacitor, is a device to hold electric charge. Capacitor is one of the most widely used electronic components in electronic equipment. It is widely used in the circuit of straight-through, bypass, filter, tuning loop, energy conversion, control and other applications.

3, crystaldiode, English name crystaldiode, solid state electronic devices in the semiconductor devices. The main characteristic of these devices is nonlinear current-voltage characteristics. Since then, with the development of semiconductor materials and technology, a variety of crystal diodes with various structures and functions have been developed by using different semiconductor materials, doping distribution and geometric structure.

4, Transformer, English name Transformer, the working principle is to use the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage device, in the electrical equipment plays the role of lifting voltage, and there are matching impedance, safety isolation and other functions.

What are the common electronic components?

5. Transducer /sensor is a detecting device which can feel the measured information and convert it into electrical signal or other required information output according to certain rules to meet the requirements of information transmission, processing, storage, display, recording and control.

6. Field Effect Transistor (Field Effect Transistor) is a semiconductor device that controls the electric Field Effect of the input circuit to control the current of the output circuit.

7, crystal triode, it is a semiconductor device to control the current, can amplify the current. Its function is to amplify the weak signal into a larger amplitude of the electrical signal; Also used as a contactless switch to control various electronic circuits.

8, Varactor Diodes, English name Varactor Diodes, also known as' variable reactance diode ', is the use of pN junction reverse bias junction capacitance changes with the characteristics of applied voltage, used in high-frequency tuning, communication and other circuits as variable capacitors.

Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor Inductor If the inductor is in a current state, it will try to maintain the current when the circuit is disconnected.

10. Voltage stabilizer diodes, Zener diode, are diodes that take advantage of the reverse breakdown state of PN junction, where the current can vary over a wide range while the voltage is basically unchanged. The diode is a semiconductor device with very high resistance up to the critical reverse breakdown voltage.

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