Panasonic 18650 lithium battery how much money, Panasonic 18650 lithium battery price and evaluation

Panasonic, as a relatively well-known international electronic product manufacturing brand, has not only a series of household appliances, but also including batteries and other peripheral equipment, and from the market sales evaluation, their performance is very good, so panasonic products are one of the trustworthy products of the public. Today, we bring you is in many occasions play an important role in panasonic 18650 lithium battery, we will start from the price of introduction, in addition to the performance parameters of 18650 lithium battery characteristics and other information.

First, panasonic 18650 lithium battery price

1, 10 string panasonic 18650 battery price of a high-quality 18650 lithium battery price of more than ten yuan commonly used capacity is 2000-2600.

2. Detailed explanation of 18650 battery performance

1, purpose: because of the large capacity per unit density, it is often used for most of the notebook battery, in addition, it is often used for high-grade strong light flashlight, portable power supply (mobile phone portable charger) and so on.

2, size: 18650 these numbers, on behalf of the external size: 18 refers to the diameter of the battery 18.0mm650 refers to the height of the battery 65.0mm. (Our ordinary no.5 battery [AA battery], the size is 14500)

3, type: 18650 battery lithium ion battery and nickel metal hydride battery, because the nickel metal hydride is now used very little, so now say 18650 battery, no special description, is a batch of 18650 lithium ion battery.

4, voltage and capacity specifications: nickel-metal hydride battery voltage is 1.2V common capacity of 4500MAH Lithium ion battery voltage is 3.6V-3.7 common capacity of 1500Mah-2600mah, now the highest capacity of 3000MAH. The 18650 lithium ion battery has great advantages over the commonly used no. 5 battery in terms of weight, volume and capacity. For example, a 2400MAH 18650 battery, the voltage is calculated according to the standard 3.7V, and the power is 8880MWH. Now the best Sanyo no. 5 rechargeable battery ENELOOP, capacity 2000MAH, voltage 1.2V, power 2400MWH it can be seen that a good 18650 battery, power capacity is nearly 4 times of no. 5 battery.

18650 lithium ion batteries are now imported and domestic:

Panasonic 18650 lithium battery how much money, Panasonic 18650 lithium battery price and evaluation

Imported items now available in the market include:

1, Japan sanyo, the performance is recognized as the best, ranked first, the price is also ranked first, now commonly used capacity is 2000-2600, the price is about from 25-45, Sanyo 2600MAH, now the best battery, too expensive

2, Japan's SONY, is also a good battery, battery consistent performance is excellent, suitable for the production of battery pack, ranked second, commonly used capacity in 2000-2600, the price is about 25-40 yuan

3, Japan's Panasonic, and SONY, common capacity is also 2000-2600, the price of about 25-40. Panasonic can get up to 3000 now, but it's too expensive.

4, South Korea Samsung, capacity is enough, very good battery, very suitable for flashlight use, common capacity in 2000-2600, the price is about 23-38 yuan.

5, South Korea LG, and Samsung are basically the same, very good, common capacity in 2000-2600, the price is about 23-38 yuan domestic 18650 battery than chaos, it is not good to introduce, domestic battery capacity is now from 1200-2400 have, the price is also from 9-20 yuan.

18650 logo:

18650 battery, you can not find in the civilian market, the reason is very simple, 18650 before the battery pack is not packaged, it is industrial material, so you can not buy it in the mall.

Because 18650 is an industrial material, there is basically no trademark, brand or capacity mark on the package. Therefore, the choice of 18650 battery depends on your own knowledge.

Since 18650 batteries are made of industrial materials, most of them have no integrated protection circuit. Therefore, the protection of the battery depends on the circuit of the electric appliance itself. When there is no protection, the capacity will cause the battery to overdischarge, and the battery will fail in serious cases.

18650 lithium battery can be divided into many kinds, the 18650 lithium battery sold on the market is divided into multiple prices according to the difference of brand capacity, respectively for different consumer groups and markets. The above is an example of panasonic's 18650 lithium battery, including the price, product logo, size and type of several major plate information. We can understand that different use environments correspond to different products. As consumers, they need to consider and analyze various factors before purchasing.

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